Steel Shelving

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Project Description

Steel Shelving


Foothills Systems’ Steel Shelving provides a single system versatile enough for all storage uses. Accessories such as dividers, bin fronts, and partitioned drawers are extremely popular in storage areas with small inventory, and the ability to add doors to secure inventory with a single latch is unique to this system.

Whether you’re storing lightweight or heavy items, this shelving solution has the options to give you the most economical solution that will accomplish your requirements.

Demand the industry’s best, exclusively available through Foothills Systems.

Layouts & Planning Assistance

Planning a new storage area? Foothills System’s experts can help you find the perfect layout according to your inventory, how you access it, and your sales goals. At Foothills Systems, we plan functional, accessible storage around your stuff, and we can start with simple criteria such as the value of your inventory, the number of unique skus, and the room layout. From there we can begin to put together an affordable steel shelving solution that you have as much or a input on as you’d like.

We’re acutely focused on providing the right solution, not the most expensive one. So we’ll pay attention to where your lighter weight products will be stored versus your heavier parts. This ensures you have the right gauges of shelving in the right places to handle those weights at the lowest price. Use our expertise to put you in complete control of how your storage area should function.

What you can expect

Foothills Systems provides in-depth consulting and planning, and ultimately our proposal to you will include:

  • Easy to read layouts
  • Elevations of each storage unit
  • Product information
  • Easy to understand Pricing
  • Our commitment to your 100% satisfaction


Design Features:

Foothills Systems’ steel shelving gives you the strength, flexibility, and organization you need at the most competitive prices in the industry. It’s is the preferred brand, asked for by name, by some of the most recognizable companies in North America. It’s fast and easy installation contributes to it’s affordability, without sacrificing quality.

Box Edge Construction

The front and rear edges of the shelf are formed into a closed, welded box shape, providing additional strength to handle impact or heavy loads. Foothills Systems’ steel shelving is so strong it is used to support multi-level and high-rise storage systems

Cleaner Front Edge

The shelf has a clean front edge with no ridges or protrusions. stored items slide smoothly on and the off shelves.

Lapped and Welded Corners

Sturdy lapped and welded corners reinforce shelf strength and maximize load capacity

Shelf Bracket

Shelf brackets provide wide load-bearing surfaces for quick and easy installation—without the use of tools, nuts or bolts. Shelves can even be rearranged without disturbing adjoining units.

Post Options

Beaded Post

The beaded post reduces the front flange to create additional clearance for shelf space – providing more usable shelf space, and giving a more aesthetic appearance.

High-Rise Post

High-Rise posts allow maximum strength in a post compatible with the extensive line of accessories available from Foothills Systems.

Angle Post

Our angle post is designed for maximum strength and stability, while at the same time providing flexibility for changing requirements.


Foothills Systems boasts a large, versatile mix of components and accessories. The most popular options are below, but for a complete list please contact us.

Sliding & Fixed Shelf Dividers

Maximize every shelf with dividers to keep your skus organized. These dividers can be fixed or adjustable, depending on how often your inventory changes.


Keep small parts, hardware, and more organized in a 400lb capacity drawer. With adjustable dividers with angled partitions for easy labeling, keeping your small inventory organized is a snap.

Framed Doors

Secure valuable inventory, create a clean appearance, and more with locking framed doors. These doors can even close over a unit with drawers, enabling a security feature for multiple drawers at one lock point.

Perforated End and Back Panels

Store or display more with perforated end panels, which enable peg hooks to hang your inventory from.


Widths 24″, 36″, 42″, 48″
Heights 39″, 51″, 63″, 75″, 87″, 99″, 111″, 123″, 135″, 147″, 159″, 171″, 174″, 183″, 195″
Depths 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″

Shelf Capacities

Style Options

Steel Colours

Foothills Systems parts shelving is available in standard steel colours, as well as any custom colour.

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