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Foothills Library Solutions is your all new, all Canadian source for library & Education supplies & furniture

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About Gaylord

Gaylord Brothers was established in 1896, when brothers Willis and Henry Gaylord were working at a local savings bank. After becoming frustrated with using straight pins to repair torn currency, the brothers invented a gummed repair tape, and Gaylord Brothers was born.

Today, Gaylord is one of the largest, and most trusted Archival Supplies companies in the world. Foothills Systems, based in Calgary, partnered up with Gaylord in 2008 to serve Western Canadian Educational Institutes, Museums, Archives and more, complimenting our shelving and storage solutions with a complete line of supplies.

Why Canadians are Switching to Gaylord

Friendly, accountable customer service.

•  Jolene Mackenzie is your personal point of contact for all ordering and inquiries, it’s their personal goal to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

•  Unsure of what you need? Are you considering a renovation or expansion project? Our specialized consultants can help you with planning and execution.

Get the tools and supplies you need at everyday low prices

•  We’ll price match the exact same product on a case by case basis.*

Never pay unexpected freight charges again

•  Gaylord Drop-ships because it is less expensive, and less likely to be damaged because it never needs to be stored and only travels once.

•  Drop shipping enables us to guarantee you will not incur unexpected or extra shipping charges.

•  It also enables us to quote your freight up front with 100% accuracy, guaranteed.

•  We cover any and all importing charges if anything comes from across the border.

Would you buy locally if it meant keeping more money returned to your Museum, Archive, or Exhibit?

•  You’ll probably see us at your next conference. This support is win-win, we have an opportunity to meet you, and our admission fees directly support your institutions.

•  We’re local, so a portion of your support ultimately gets funneled back in to your budgets via tax money and direct support from us.